Editor’s Note: Following is a leaflet distributed in May Day 2022 by the Revolutionary Communist Manifesto Group, a collective of supporters of the New Communism in Europe.

No US/NATO War with Russia! No World War 3!

It’s THIS SYSTEM, Not Humanity, That Needs to Become Extinct!

We Don’t Accept THEIR Future
It’s Time to Get Organized for a Real Revolution!

Today, as the Russian imperialists invade Ukraine and the US marshals its European imperialist allies in NATO to wage a proxy war – with the real threat of a “shooting” war between these superpowers and even a nuclear holocaust of the whole planet… the people must act. Join with us on May First as we sound the alarm and say:


Today, as this war – along with the intensifying destruction of the environment – threatens the very existence of humanity, and …

As every year more and more people are driven from their homes by the droughts, famines and floods brought on by this environmental destruction, by bloody wars for plunder and empire and by untold suffering from the super-­‐exploitation of the Global South, only to die on the borders of the rich imperialist countries in the cold seas of the Mediterranean or the scorching deserts of America,

As from Poland’s Catholic fascists to Texas Talibans, women and differently gendered people face a global epidemic of violence, degradation and dehumanization through pornography and the sex trade, under the vengeful lash of reasserted patriarchy,

As the existing social order around the world is ripped apart by the workings of this system and the deepening of the horrendous divide between rich and poor countries, and fascist forces gather force and aim to seize the machinery of repression,

The people must act.

This war and all these other horrors are products of a system – the system of capitalism‐imperialism.


The revolutionary leader and thinker Bob Avakian (BA) has recently said that, “humanitycannotaffordanylonger to allow these imperialists on either side to rule the world and battle over who will dominate inthis situation with the very real and dire threat this poses to the future, and even the existence ofhumanity.” And BA has made the point that while we do face the real prospect of something reallyterrible in today’s situation, “it is also possible that we could wrench something really positive out of it –revolution,to putan endto thissystemand bringsomething much betterintobeing.

Today as all this looms we dare to say:


It’s time to face the cold truth that for decades now all the anger and discontent with the existing order and its crimes, the hopes and aspirations for a better world, have been locked within the narrow confines of the existing order, ultimately amounting to nothing more than a toothless critique of the system, while the system suffocates the life out of humanity (as seen in the elections). Talk of revolution is relegated to the never-­‐never land of a distant future or a fashionable way to promote reformism. The reality of “Republican” values and norms is displayed in the way that all the major parties back the horrors and crimes committed in France’s ongoing colonial possessions, in fueling the war in Ukraine, in vilifying Muslims, all underpinned by an aggressive rallying around resurgent French imperialist chauvinism.

To fundamentally change society, you must seize power – overthrow the existing state power and establish a new state system, a socialist system, meeting the needs of the people and carrying forward the fight for a communist world where there will finally be an end, everywhere, to exploitation and oppression and war, and the destruction of the environment that is builtintothis system of capitalism-­‐imperialism. The guiding set of objectives, principles, and concrete provisions for this radically new society are scientifically modelled in the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, authored by Bob Avakian, who has brought forward the new framework for human emancipation, the new communism.

Is the possibility that a real revolution like this could succeed just idle fantasy? No – what is idle fantasy is the idea that this global system could be reformed to be something it never has been and never will be. The reality is that a revolution like this could succeed, and that this is possible only at a time like now in imperialist countries, when the workings of this system are ripping societies apart, when the profound divisions in the ruling class cannot be smoothed over, and the system is threatening unprecedented horrors and even the extinction of humanity itself. At a time like this millions are being jolted as never before to question the legitimacy of the way things are, to seriously seek an alternative – an alternative that can rapidly gain adherents IF there’s a revolutionary force that scientifically presents and persistently fights for a strategy that corresponds to the actual potential for a way out of this madness.

That means you – you engaging with this historic breakthrough that Bob Avakian has forged with the science of the new communism, which builds on the strengths and deals with the weaknesses of previous revolutionary theory and practice and forges a new framework for human emancipation, as you yourself engage with the forces that are building this movement for a real revolution. So go to the web site, contact us, and become an emancipator of humanity.

Revolutionary Communist Manifesto Group | May Day 2022 | Write: rcmanifestogroup@gmail.com